Sunday, October 4, 2009

Some Interesting Articles...

The ProVideo Coalition website is a wealth of information. If you don't have it bookmarked, you should. There are some really smart people that post great articles there.

I came across a few articles that I thought I would pass along to you all. The first article is about using both Premiere Pro and Avid for editing, and using the speech transcription tool in Premiere Pro along with ScriptSync in Avid. While the writer, Steve Hullfish, prefers to finish his edit in Avid, I would stick with Premiere Pro for the entire edit. But I think the article highlights something that Adobe has going for it - it works well with others. Someone correct if I'm wrong, but outside using an EDL, I don't know another NLE that allows you to open up project files from a different NLE, and let you save out a project file that you can open in another NLE (just for Avid at the moment). "Big deal, Addison!" you might say. "Why would I ever want to take my project out of ___?" Well, here's one such example.

Another great article is about shooting greenscreen. Alex Lindsay has wrirten two great posts on the subject, and if you do any greenscreen work, you should definitely give them a read.

part 1

part 2

I hope these help out some of you. Let me know if you see something great out there, and I'll try and post it here for everyone to read.


  1. Your link on speech is pointing to the wrong web page

  2. Not sure what happened there, but it's corrected now.